Increase Your Aptitude Score - Guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

Increase Your Aptitude Score - Guaranteed

These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of our preparation services for the Firefighter Aptitude Test. They provide basic information, sometimes about fairly complex topics. If you have any questions about our preparation services that are not covered here or elsewhere on our website, please Contact Us

  • Why should I prepare for an aptitude test, cognitive test or assessment centre?

    The Firefighter cognitive preparation will improve your scores in aptitude/ cognitive employment test for the fire service and help you to pass the entrance exam for your desired service. Think of it as being similar to the effort you put into resume /fitness preparation, it’s an investment in your career.

    If I only have one or two days before taking the aptitude test or assessment centre, will the training help? Yes, if you are a quick learner one day of training should be sufficient. However having more practice time is a good idea. So if you are invited to take an aptitude test and have only one day to prepare, you will still get the benefit of seeing the question types and styles that you will face for the service you are applying to.

  • Shouldn’t the employer see me for who I am?

    The training we offer doesn’t change your personality or your characteristics. Our training will help you to emphasise your strengths and reduce the chance that facing an unfamiliar aptitude/ cognitive test or assessment impairing your ability to demonstrate your true capabilities. Through the competitive nature of Firefighter recruitment and sheer number of applicants the fire services use this as a method to shortlist so if you miss out on this they will never get a chance to meet you in person and get more of an understanding of who you are.

  • Can I take the practice tests more than once?

    You have the opportunity to take many tests throughout this process however they will never be the same tests as this would not help you improve, The idea is for you to gain confidence and improve your results. Each time you take an aptitude test (ie. abstract, verbal, mechanical or numerical etc.) you will start a different test series.

    There are service specific tests (i.e. MFB, NSWFR, DFES, CFA, SAMFS, PFES, ARFF & TASFS etc.) as well as general test to help build your fundamental skills.

  • How quickly can I begin my preparation?

    You will have immediate access to your preparation products as soon as your payment has been confirmed. You will get a confirmation email containing your access details, be sure to check junk and spam email folders if you cannot find them

  • Will I understand what is written in your reports?

    Our reports and guides are written in simple, straightforward language, so you will understand your test results, their implications, and what you should work on improving. We also give you a benchmark to aim for so you know where you are in relation to the rest of test takers

  • I have a slow Internet connection (dial-up). Can I take your online training?

    Our online aptitude and cognitive test training is designed to suit both high- and slow-speed Internet connections, so, you will not be disadvantaged by having a slow Internet connection.

  • Will my credit card details be secure?

    Our online payment option uses Paypal which is recognised worldwide for its highly secure and easy payment process. It uses the same level of security as the banking industry – i.e. Westpac, Commbank and NAB.

  • I prefer not to provide my credit card details online. What can I do?

    Our online payment option uses Paypal which is recognised worldwide for its highly secure and easy payment process. If you still feel uncomfortable, you can contact us via the contact page and we can arrange for a bank transfer.