Increase Your Aptitude Score - Guaranteed

How to Pass the Aviation Firefighter Aptitude Test

Increase Your Aptitude Score - Guaranteed

To become an aviation firefighter, you need go through a detailed job recruitment process. One of the most important aspects of this process is the aviation firefighter aptitude test. To help you excel in this test, here are some valuable ideas and tips.

Know the Type of Questions You Will Be Asked

The first step you should take to prepare yourself for your aviation firefighter aptitude test is to get familiar with the kind of questions you will have to answer during your job interview. You will be tested on a variety of subjects including:
* Reading Comprehension: you will be required to read a couple of short passages and answer questions to test your ability to interpret and understand the content.
* Verbal Expression: these questions will test your English grammar skills including your ability to spell and use correct punctuation.
* Visual Observation and Memory: you will be asked to study diagrams, maps or passages for a set period of time and then answer certain questions on them
* Spatial Orientation: this type of questions will test our capacity to visualize or navigate with the aid of floor plans, illustrations and maps.

* Judgment and Reasoning: you will have to take decisions and exercise your logical reasoning in line with what you see in a scenario or list.
* Mathematics: questions will be asked based on high school math, geometry and algebra.
* Mechanical aptitude: you will answer questions about simple tools and machines which are relevant to your work as an aviation firefighter.

Now that you know the type of questions you will answer, you may need to revise certain subject areas. For instance, if you have not practiced high school math for a long time, you need to get a book that can help you to revise basic mathematical methods and formulae.

Learn to Read Instructions Carefully

Many candidates don’t fail because they are not brilliant enough to pass but because they don’t read instructions carefully. For instance, if a particular section of the aptitude test asks you to pick the option that does 'not' fit into a particular category but you are not careful enough to see the word 'not', you will end up picking wrong answers for all the questions in that section.

In addition, you should also learn to study charts, graphs and maps carefully before answering the questions that follow them. This will help you to save time and increase your chances of answering the questions correctly.

Get All Your Materials Together

Before you go for the aviation firefighter aptitude test, it is important to know all the materials you will need for your test. For instance, you will need to have a good scientific calculator, writing materials, and a couple of blank sheets of paper (during the actual test, this will be supplied at the exam venue). You should ensure that you practice using your calculator and understand all its functions before you get to your test center.

Practice Several Aptitude Tests

You need to do as many tests as you can before your test date. You can find several practice tests online. Since most tests are now done online, make sure you get used to using a computer to practice your tests. Preferably, you should use an exam simulator that also has a timer. But this is not absolutely necessary. You may simply download the questions and use them to practice.

Practice Under Exam Conditions

While you practice your firefighter aptitude test questions, you should endeavor to create a typical examination atmosphere around you to boost your concentration. For example, you need to find a quiet place where there is no distraction, make sure you are alert, and complete all the practice questions within a specific time.

Manage Your Time Well

To excel in your aptitude test, you need to learn to calculate the maximum amount of time you should spend on each question. You can do this by dividing the total amount of time required for each section by the number of questions in that section. For example, if the time allotted for a section is 20 minutes and there are 25 questions in the section, calculate the time for each question (in seconds) as follows: (20 x 60) / 25 = 48 seconds. Therefore try to limit the amount of time you spend on each question to about 40 seconds. But one exception to this rule is the reading comprehension. You should divide the total time for the entire section into two. Use half of the time to read the passage and the second half to answer the questions.

Review and Improve on Your Performance

Finally, examine the questions you could not answer correctly during your practice sessions and then make sure you do further study to improve on those areas. If you put the ideas and tips given above to work, you should excel in your next aviation firefighter aptitude test.